The Mysterious HouseWhat happened here? I don't know if there is no little information to be found at this location. 
The cottage was built in 1906 and has a plot area of ​​21,000 m²It was for sale in 2020 and was sold within 6 months for almost 1,000,000 euros and now in 2021 it looks expired.The barn next to the house was already dilapidated during the sale, but the rest.Is it because of the corona, that it might be people from abroad who bought this beautiful estate but were no longer allowed to travel due to the lockdown and that their beautiful holiday / dream estate has now been demolished by vandalism?
Or is it just someone who bought it and actually thinks this isn't what I wanted, although you'd think to sell everything again. 
It's a mystery, but you could turn it into something beautiful.

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