An abandoned paintball center of 5000 m2 and 3 floors high in the middle of Belgium.
We actually found this location by accident, we were on our way to a city and had parked our car until we saw a dilapidated house and of course we couldn't just walk past that. We walked to the cottage which was in a park and soon saw a very large building in the park, it also looked deserted so 2 locations on 1 day.
The cottage was not really special so no pictures were taken but the large building that turned out to be a paintball center was very beautiful.
When we wanted to go inside, an alarm went off 3 times each time we stepped inside, which later turned out to be just a car alarm ...
Once inside what a beautiful sight the sun was shining exactly so that all colors were even more beautiful.
The reason that this building was abandoned is that there has been a fire.

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