The farm was built possibly in 1750 as indicated in a gable stone with coat of arms above a stable door in the northwestern facade (still present in 1949).
The other parts date from the 19th century where the years 1817 and 1862 together with the initials / coat of arms of the then owners J.H. Orban van Liège and PCO. They bought it around 1810 from the Cie. Bodin, who had become the owner of it after the confiscation and public sale during the French occupation.
In 1963, the Voer region was annexed to Limburg, so that in 1980 Mr. H. Broers came into the picture by a group from Liège led by J. Happart who wanted to link the Voer region back to the province of Liège. Mr. H. Broers supported the transfer, he was the then opposition leader of the political party Voerbelangen and founded the illegal radio station Voeren Uilenspiegel from the attic in the farm. This became the first Flemish protest radio.

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