Out of respect for the location and to prevent vandalism, we do not state the real name of the former residents. 
Mr. Janssen a very talented man born 1907 in Java and died 1987 in his hometown in the Netherlands. His father was an officer in the army and his mother a housewife. 
After the death of his father, Mr. Janssen emigrated to the Netherlands with his mother and brother. A year later, his mother also died suddenly and Mr. Janssen became an orphan, this was at the age of 8. Despite this terrible period in his life, Mr. Janssen developed various talents during the time he was in an orphanage. For example, he had a special talent for mathematics, but also for music, painting, modeling and poetry. Despite these talents, Mr. Janssen started studying geology and mining because his family always tried to prevent him from studying music. During his studies in Delft, he kept busy with music, painting, modeling and poetry, which eventually led to him becoming a composer. After his studies, Mr. Janssen worked briefly as a mining engineer and paleontologist at the technical school in Delft, until 1937. In the years 1930 - 1931,               Mr. Janssen's first symphony was performed, followed by many others and he even played one of his symphonies for the Queen of the Netherlands. 
Mr. Janssen was married to Mrs. Westen and had 1 daughter together. Mr. Janssen eventually turned 80 and Mrs. 94

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