Sanatorium Du Basil known by almost every urbexer. The construction of this sanatorium was established in 1899 and construction started around 1900 and finally in 1903 the first patients were taken care of.
The location is on a hill in the middle of a wooded area. The clean air and soothing environment makes it a favorable climate for tuberculosis patients to recover. In addition, the south-facing main building is designed in such a way that its curved shape allows you to optimally benefit from the sunlight. This had a positive effect on the treatment. The characteristic main building is set up symmetrically, with a clock tower at the center. The medical department was in the west. On the first floor at the rear was the canteen and kitchen. The laundry and heating room were located on the ground floor with a beautifully brick brick chimney.
After the period, as the convalescent home for tuberculosis patients, the building served as a psychiatric institution and from 2010 to 2013 as an asylum seekers' center. The building was closed for this because of the enormous service costs. Since that time, the complex has been for sale for € 3,000,000 - probably they will never get it again because it has been demolished by vandals.

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