The castle was built in 1881 by order of Jean H.P. Ulens (1814-1894), who was married to his cousin Marie Ulens.
The castle was built in neoclassical style and the coat of arms was painted by Ulens-Ulens.In the second world war the Germans built the Fliegerdorf on the castle grounds and so claimed the castle to be part of it.
After the liberation, the castle remained a military destination. 
First the Americans settled there until it was sold to the Belgian state in 1951. They turned it into a training institute for the Belgian Air Force. 
When the institute was closed in 1996, the soldiers continued to practice there, another part of the Fliegerdorf was used as an asylum seekers' center, and so the castle fell. 
Eventually the domain came into the hands of the Autonomous Municipal Company Agos, who had included in a business plan to make various apartments on the grounds of the castle and the castle would be restored. 
Unfortunately on 13 September 2017, the castle was completely destroyed by fire and there are only a few blackened walls.

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